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Your Getting Wiser, Not Older

Hey, as the Owner of the company I used to think 40 was old when I was a teenager. Now at 62 guess what, the kid who thought that had zero experience at life. You are as old as you feel and act. The sixty I represent is the new "45" as far as I am concerned and looking for a Senior discount hasn't made it a common phrase I use, if at all. 


I would be a fool to know things happen as you age, and while you can tap on the brake in certain areas of aging you cannot stop its advancement. But we are all here I like to think to help one another. So after seeing proof my Dad had been a victim of unscrupulous con men of various types in local businesses. I soon found out his normal conversations led me to believe all was going great when in fact it was just the opposite.

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Don't be Afraid of High Prices

Our vetted Repair Companies have one major trait we

all admire about them, their integrity. One of the stipulations we ask of anyone joining us here is a promise to discount the pricing of work by a minimum

of 25%.


We Primarily focus our attention on the six largest and expensive items we are around every day and in some part affect the way we get to point a and b, protect us from the weather and climate, makes the things we see or walk around look more appealing, allows us to prepare our meals, entertain family and friends, makes us look our best with personal hygiene, see things at night with electricity to run our gadgets and the internet to check what's happening up to the minute. (read more)


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